Architecture competitions in China


The Chinese are known for their unique sense of style in architecture. This is an area they have greatly specialized in with architecture competitions in China dating back to very many centuries ago; it is generally old like the Chinese civilization. Their prowess and creativity in architecture has resulted in the unique and renowned Chinese architecture which has quite established and has been identified in East Asia for quite a while now; probably for centuries. Throughout time, the Chinese have continued to modify their architecture more and more; thus there are some differences between the past and modern Chinese architecture.

Ancient Chinese architecture competitions
Ancient Chinese competitions in architecture resulted in architecture characterized by the times, region and nationality. It portrays the rich Chinese history and culture. It saw great improvement on the technique of buildings made of timber. Builders had knowledge on earth ramming, firing tiles and building with stones. During the Southern, Northern, Wei and Jin dynasties, there was a lot of improvement on architecture technology with general increase in bricks, timber and tiles output and quality. Many Buddhist architectures were built at the time. Great improvements were done over time until the Ming and Qing dynasties; the last 2 imperial Chinese dynasties where ancient architecture reached its peak with high bricks production, high glaze tiles quality and quantity. Official buildings at this era were highly standardized. Features of the ancient Chinese architecture include;
Flexible Structures. The ancient structures have wood as their main material with other components e.g. columns, purlins and beams connected by mortises and tendons. This makes the structures quite flexible.
Elegant Appearance. Ancient Chinese structures are known for their elegant profiles and varied structures e.g. different roof shapes, overhanging eaves etc. the structures serve their practical functions as well as having beautiful and wonderful appearances.
Regular Layout. The ancient structures do have buildings e.g. temples, palaces, folk houses etc. in a single complex. This reflexes the unique recognition of symmetry and harmony in ancient China.
Gorgeous Ornaments. Ancient Chinese architects recognize the need for ornaments in a structure for aesthetic value; either in a wholly or in some parts.

The present and future Chinese architecture competitions
Present and Modern Chinese architecture is generally all that has been built since mid-19th century. It has a wide variety of styles in architecture; blending traditional elements and cutting edge modern icons of architecture. The present Chinese architecture is inspired both from home and abroad designed to be more market oriented. It also embraces technology especially digital influence and energy-saving green’ architecture. Modern architecture styles are the current mainstream; with most residential and commercial structures dominating Chinese cities especially along the eastern coastline.
The future of Chinese architecture is quite bright and spectacular. As earlier stated, the Chinese are very creative people when it comes to architecture and they never fail to amaze. New and more creative structural designs keep on coming up that gives one a glimpse of the architecture of tomorrow. With further diversification with fusion of foreign cultures and influence by technology, truly there is a lot to come when it comes to the Chinese architecture.

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