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Architecture competitions in Europe

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Architecture competitions in Europe Annually, the Royal Institute of British Architects conducts a competition inviting architects from Europe to participate in it. The winner receives RIBA Jencks award. In 2015, the winners in this competition are Pierre de Meuron and Jaques Herzog. Herzog and de Meuron are Swiss architects. The works of these architects include…

architecture competitions in the us

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architecture competitions in the us The U.S remains on top of the biggest providers of architecture competitions. It is still considered as a central hub for innovations. The US is the home of some of the most advanced architectural practices, and several organizations and corporations are involved in crafting yearly architectural competitions. Competitions like the…

Architecture competitions in China

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CHINESE ARCHITECTURE The Chinese are known for their unique sense of style in architecture. This is an area they have greatly specialized in with architecture competitions in China dating back to very many centuries ago; it is generally old like the Chinese civilization. Their prowess and creativity in architecture has resulted in the unique and…

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